Our Ministry

God gave both of us a burden for the Italian people in different ways and at different times.

After Tom was saved he began attending the youth group at his local church. The only other person in the youth group who attended a public school was an Italian kid, and he and Tom immediately became close based on this common bond. Through the time spent with this mostly Catholic Italian family, the Lord began to burden Tom’s heart for the Italian people. This burden grew through the years, and Tom began to see how he had been uniquely prepared to serve in that kind of culture.

Tom, Frank and SherryIn 2005, Tom spent a month working with GFA missionaries Frank and Sherry DiBagno in Sant’ Angelo di Celle, Italy. During that time, God solidified Tom’s desire to teach the Italian people about Christ. From that moment on Tom began to prepare with the specific intention of taking the gospel back to a placewhere it was once widespread.

Stephanie grew up in an Italian-American home. In third grade she had the opportunity to visit her relatives in Italy and began to see that country’s need for the gospel. Stephanie is thankful for personal Trip to Italy_0008experience in this culture and views this “training” as well as her Italian citizenship as God-given tools for this ministry.

We began deputation as Gospel Fellowship Association missionaries in the early part of 2011 and arrived in Italy January, 2015.

We are enjoying the ministry God has given us here. Our days are spent in building–building Italian communication skills (learning the language and culture better), building redemptive relationships (relationships with neighbours with the goal that God will save them through our Gospel witness), building edifying relationships (building relationships and equipping believers in our small church), and building a family that exalts Jesus Christ. We hope to obey the Great Commission and to equip Italians to do the same, while trusting Christ’s promise that He will build His church (Matt 16:18).

While we anticipate that our race will be filled with obstacles, we look forward to the day when we can say with the apostle Paul that we “have finished our course” (2 Tim 4:7).

For the sake of His name,

Tom, Stephanie, Daniela, Nino, Angelo, & Gabriella Boehm

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